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Longines Time
April 4 to 15 2018

The fans of GC2018

15 Apr 2018

GC2018 wouldn't have been a great Games without the hundreds of thousands of fans that packed out stadiums, lined the streets and cheered their hearts out. 

Thank you to the spectators who created an incredible atmosphere and made the experience all the more special for the 6,600 athletes and team officials. 

Here are just some of the fans who made GC2018 a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

A fan wearing a Borobi tshirt, hat and carrying a plush
This could be Borobi's number one fan
Fans watch the Cycling Time Trials
Spectators got involved in the Road Cycling Time Trial
Australian fans do the 'rollercoaster' at Carrara Stadium
Do the 'rollercoaster'
Australian fans at the Rugby Sevens
The bigger the hair, the bigger the Rugby Sevens fan
Australian fans at the Swimming
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Australian fans at the Swimming
Oi Oi Oi!
Fans cheer on Wales at the Hockey
Wales had some enthusiastic fans
Fans cheer on Pakistan at the Hockey
So did Pakistan
Canadian fans at the wrestling
Oh Canada!
New Zealand represents at the Rugby Sevens
New Zealand represents at the Rugby Sevens
New Zealand fans at Mountain Bike
And at Mountain Bike
Fans meet Borobi
Borobi met his fans too
Fans get a photo with Borobi
Selfie time!
Diving fans with a Games Shaper
Games Shapers got a piece of the action too
Fans cheer on India
Go India! ​​​​
Fans cheer on Pakistan at the Hockey
Come on Pakistan! 
Kids wear Borobi ears outside the Netball
Young Borobis cheer on teams at the Netball
Gymnastics fans at the Longines stand
It's all fun and Games with Longines
Cheering spectators heated up the Velodrome
Cheering fans heated up the Velodrome
Fans cheer on weightlifters
And watched the strong men and women at Weightlifting
Australian fans at the Netball
GC2018 was a Games to remember
Australian fans at Rugby Sevens