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April 4 to 15 2018

GC2018 Queen’s Baton

Discover the distinctive elements of the Queen’s Baton.

The Queen’s Message

The Queen’s message will be printed on a special paper made from Spinifex; a grass-like plant that has extensive traditional indigenous uses. Held safely on the side of the Baton, the folded Queen’s message can be seen through a clear window.

Bold Rebellious Spirit

The GC2018 Queen’s Baton embodies the boundless energy of the people, place and spirit of the Gold Coast. The Baton form is bold, a rebellious spirit, beautiful to look at but unique and unforgettable; just like the Gold Coast.

Bright Boundless Energy

When people come together amazing things happen. As the Baton is passed from hand to hand, a bright boundless energy will light up the Baton in colours that reflect the warmth and spirit of the Gold Coast.

Connection to Country

The Gold Coast is a place of strong contrasts and deep connections. The Baton personifies our connection to the ocean and the land with the selection of contrasting materials and finishes. The warm, natural, earthy macadamia wood contrasts the bright, structured reclaimed plastic leading edge. Separated by a stainless steel stringer, you can see the linear reflection of the coastline and hinterland in the Baton’s form.

Macadamia Wood

The macadamia tree is native to the Gold Coast region and serves as an important symbol and example of traditional indigenous sustainable cultural practice. As groups travelled through Country, macadamia nuts were planted along the journey to mark the way and provide sustenance for future generations.

Stainless Steel Stringer

The mirror finish of the stainless steel stringer will create a literal reflection of the Baton’s present surrounds everywhere it travels. Laser-engraved in sequential order are the three-digit alpha codes of all nations and territories of the Commonwealth, providing a visual depiction of the epic journey the Queen’s Baton will take.

Leading Edge

The front leading edge is made using reclaimed plastic collected from the ocean, waterways, beaches and surrounding areas of the Gold Coast. The repurposed plastic makes us think about over-consumption, pollution and how together we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Baton Story

The Queen’s Baton has been specially designed to capture the boundless energy of the Gold Coast and is an inspiring symbol that will connect the Commonwealth with Australia, Queensland and the Gold Coast.

The Queen’s Baton

Each host nation of the Commonwealth Games has the responsibility to create a Queen’s Baton. It needs to not only reflect design, cultural and human values it must also genuinely engage and inspire the Commonwealth to come together to celebrate GC2018.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation appointed Designworks, a small Brisbane company based in West End, to design, engineer and manufacture the GC2018 Queen’s Baton.

Community Immersion

Community played a large role in the GC2018 Baton design process. Deep immersion helped the designers absorb the culture and gain insights into the place, people and spirit of the Gold Coast.

This immersion included several workshops with local Yugambeh and wider Queensland mobs, including Torres Strait Islanders, to determine appropriate themes, stories and narrative for the Baton. There was also broad consultation with other community groups and public interactions, including: lifeguards, artists and arts community members, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and Health Care workers.

Surf Craft Heritage

The Baton’s shape, form and the contrasting materials used are reminiscent of surfboards, surfboats and other surf craft heritage. Smooth elegant lines, perfect surfaces, and clean crisp changes between materials evoke the feeling of gliding over and through the water. Light reflects off the metal stringer, mimicking the sun striking the Gold Coast skyscrapers and glinting at sunrise and sunset.

Spinifex Paper

Spinifex is a grass-like plant with extensive traditional indigenous uses. Created in Queensland using Spinifex nano materials and resin sourced from North West Queensland alongside other Aboriginal initiatives, the custom-made paper is an example of what can be achieved by combining traditional techniques and modern material technology. The University of Queensland re-interpreted the Spinifex into cutting edge sustainable material technologies, producing a thin, tough and very special bespoke paper.

Macadamia Wood

Recognising the past, acknowledging the present, and looking to the future.

The macadamia tree is native to the Gold Coast region and serves as an important symbol and example of traditional sustainable cultural practice. As groups travelled through Country, macadamia nuts were planted along the journey to mark the way and provided sustenance for future generations. Elders would do this with children and at the same time share knowledge, information and stories. Therefore, the macadamia tree not only provided food sustenance, but cultivated the youth into the future.

The Macadamia Seed Story as told by Patricia O’Connor.

Reclaimed Plastic

The use of reclaimed plastic in the Baton’s leading edge raises awareness for sustainable practise. Designworks worked with the City of Gold Coast and local environmental and conscious community groups to collect plastic from the ocean, waterways, beaches and surrounding areas of the Gold Coast.

The process of sorting, cleaning, and melting to create the leading edge out of reclaimed material was all completed in-house at Designworks.


The Baton itself is designed with accessibility in mind. The shape provides multiple grip positions allowing the Baton to be carried with comfort regardless of hand size. There is also a harness that the Baton can be carried in for people who may not be able to carry the Baton in their hand.

The Baton adaptor is a key item for consideration in the design process. The adaptor is specifically designed to hold the Baton on various modes of transport; for example, wheelchair, bicycle, boat, or where the Baton needs to be secured safely for water-based activities or climbing.

Manufacturing techniques

Assembled using additive manufacturing technology and CNC machining for precision, incredible consideration has been given to ensure there was minimal manufacturing waste in the creation of the Baton. Where there was excess material, such as sawdust or reclaimed plastic, the material was recycled or repurposed.


Technology has been incorporated into the Baton function. The Baton has its own App that will be used to control the different settings for the energy efficient LED colour illumination and battery status. GPS technology on board will allow the Baton to be tracked as it travels around the Commonwealth.

Relay Map

See where the Queen’s Baton is travelling on its epic journey.

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